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Anonymous asked:
You sick, ugly, disgusting, cunt loving, menstrual blood drinking lesbian freak you are a disgrace to your family. No wonder they wish you were dead.. no parent wants their daughter to be a sick cunt loving lesbian retard like you. They cry themselves to sleep every single night for having you and hope you would die so you dont embarrass them anymore. Kill yourself you sick fuck and make them happy once in your pathetic life. Choke on menstrual blood you love so much. Dumb ugly dyke.

Well, I’m really proud of myself because I am not a racist and sexually frustrated  person. It’s really sad realising that people in the 21st century think the way you do. I guess that in your case, the darwin theory of evolution failed. You come from the apes, and you remained one. And no matter what you say, you ain’t gonna stop the feminist movement and the sexual revolution. You are racist, sexist and homophobe, so get the fuck out of my page.

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May Day in Istanbul! 
Hasta la victoria siempre! Venceremos!
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happy birthday, karl!

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Ⓐ ☭
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Death died. Death is dead.
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Let’s turn off our tv! Let’s read a book! :)
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